On Friday July 8th, the Retail Wholesale Union participated in the first annual “Takin’ It to the Streets” fundraiser for the Surrey Food Bank.  The event was organized by the ILWU Local 502 Youth Committee and was held in the parking lot at Local 502’s Surrey hall on Tannery Road.

The RWU Local 517 Black Knights, captained by Damco Steward Colin Bonner, and the Local 580 Selects, captained by EV Logistics Steward and Local 580 Vice President Mike Molag both displayed a finesse game that clearly wasn’t reflected in the final scores.  RWU Provincial Representative Shawn Lakusta commented that “either one of our teams could have won the award for most sportsmanlike team if such an award was handed out at this event. Going forward we will do some recruiting looking to add size and a truculent attitude to our teams.”  

Local 517 President Jared Zazubek suited up for the Black Knights and Vice President Subhas Chand served in a dual General Manager/Coach’s role.  He was particularly hard on Lakusta and Representative Frank Allison but all was forgiven by the end of the day.  Hard to say where the team would have been without the exceptional talents of rookie goaltender Jillian Sask.

Director of Scouting Gurdeep Mangat deserves a special pat on the back for the talent assembled for the 580 Selects.  RWU President Rick Janzen was very proud of his coworkers from EV Logistics and everyone else from the RWU who attended this great event.

Fortunately for all involved the day was overcast and not scorching hot like it could have been for a July day.  A good time was had by all participants and competitive sportsmanship was the order of the day.  In the end through the efforts of the ILWU Local 502 Youth Committee close to $10,000 was raised for the Surrey Food Bank.  Another shining example of what can be accomplished with a good dose of solidarity.

Thanks to the 502 Youth Committee for organizing and we look forward to next year.

The Proud RWU Contingent in Front of the Rink Board Advertising.

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