Provincial Representative Shawn Lakusta and Representative Frank Allison visited the Lucerne Milk Plant in Burnaby on May 2nd.  They were able to review parts of the plant and have healthy discussions with Plant Chair Owen Rideout and current Shop Steward and former RWU Recording Secretary Shawn London.  A variety of issues were discussed including the state of the RWU Pension Plan and the future of the Milk Plant heading into the last round of collective bargaining.  As a mature shop in the RWU, the Milk Plant is in many ways a model of how a certified Union shop should work.  Over the years management and the Union have established protocols that allow for the parties to get together and address the main points of issues without sweating the smaller points.  This type of relationship is only possible when the Union and our members are lucky to have a committee of hard working Shop Stewards.  The RWU is well aware how lucky we are to be in just that type of situation at the Milk Plant.

Owen, Frank, and Shawn London (nice hairnets guys)