Masset B.C.,  has recently been in the news for a motorcycle washing up on the beach as a result of the Tsunami that pounded the coast of Japan.  It is a little know fact that the Retail Wholesale Union represents the Co-Operative workers in both Masset and in Skidegate.


Located on the northern tip of the Queen Charlotte Island, the Co-Operative is the predominate grocery serving there areas. Both locations have what is called a “Home Department” that supplies everything from building materials to toaster ovens.


The area itself is rich with heritage. The Haida natives have done an excellent job in preserving their heritage. Famous artists such as Reggie Davidson continue preserving Haida tradition with everything from touring the globe with his traditional dance group, to creating totem poles.


 Having a membership located so far away from the Union offices poses several different challenges. Many of which could not be addressed without the help of our Union Stewards.


In Masset, we have had the good fortune of the services of Melanie Woode. Melanie has been a long time Union activist fighting for the rights of the members she represents. Melanie has taken any opportunity to educate herself to ensure she is an effective steward. Melanie recently participated in the Unions in house Shop Steward School where Union Counsel Tony Glavin was the instructor. Melanie has recently appointed Colleen Bielby to the committee as the previous back up steward has retired.


In Skidegate we have again the good fortune of long time Union Activist Peter Engel. Peter also has recently appointed Grace Drager as his back up steward.


The Retail Wholesale Union is very proud of its diverse membership.