It should come as no surprise to any working person that Unions are increasingly being targeted by right wing governments and company sponsored think tanks.


In the United States we have seen the emergence of draconian legislation that seeks to further erode hard won bargaining rights.  We have started to hear rumblings that governments in Canada are prepared to follow suit.  Unfortunately for many workers both Union and nonUnion there is a disconnect between politics and work.  We regular hear our members refusing to get involved at any level.  The simple act of ordering a lawn sign is a brdge too far.  Lawn signs can be ordered from a candidate’s office online.  Volunteers put the sign on your front lawn during the election campaign and then come and pick it up after voting day.  How much simpler could it be?


Unfortunately many nonUnion workers mistake the attack against Unions as an isolated fight.  There is no doubt that when working conditions decline for organized workers the results will be even worse for those who don’t have any rights at work.  Union members can help the cause by being proud of their Union and telling others that they are proud to be part of the Retail Wholesale Union.


There are plenty of interesting and amusing websites that can provide inspiration and amusement for anyone interested in learning more about Unions and what can be done to support them.


The best way to fight back against the attack on Unions is to get involved at some level.  Whether it is ordering a lawn sign over the internet or just discussing the benefits of being in a Union with friends and family those who make the effort to get involved will find the process very empowering.


Please make an effort to help out where you can.


Thanks to Labor411 for the cartoon below.