Last year long time RWU member and Shop Steward Victor Jang visited China.  Amongst his travels, Victor visited the Great Wall and snapped some great pictures of the the Union’s logo resting comfortably on the Wall.

Victor will be celebrating his 38th year at the Produce Terminal on Malkin Avenue in June.  He has served as a Shop Steward since the warehouse members joined the RWU in 1991 joining the truck drivers who had joined previously.  During his career as a Shop Steward Victor has assisted many members and was a strong leader during the lockout in 2004.  Provincial Representative Shawn Lakusta has had the pleasure of working alongside Victor since 1998 and says that Victor can always be counted on to provide some historical perspective when an issue needs clarification.

Victor challenges all other members to provide an RWU picture from a more exotic location than the Great Wall of China.

RWU on the Great Wall