Some Frequently Asked Questions By Prospective Members

Q. How much will my initiation fee be if I sign a Retail Wholesale Union Card?
A. The Federal Labour Code directs that there be a minimum fee of $5 charged when signing new members into a Union. This fee charged is paid once in a lifetime. For provincial employees there is no fee.

Q. When will I start paying dues?
A. After a collective agreement has been negotiated for your worksite.

Q. Who will negotiate my contract?
A. We have professional negotiators who will be dedicated to negotiating your contract. As well, the negotiating committee shall be made up of at least two members from your worksite.

Q. What if we require the assistance of professional help such as lawyers etc?
A. The Union will provide expert assistance from a labour lawyer whenever it is required.

Q. What happens if we are laid off?
A. All members have access to the Union Dispatch Board where you can be dispatched to any one of our several Union worksites where we have negotiated preferential hiring clauses.

Q. Will I lose benefits after a contract has been signed?
A. No! The Retail Wholesale Union is noted for expert collective bargaining talents and we do not negotiate concessions.

Q. Will I have better job security with the Retail Wholesale Union?
A. Yes! The Retail Wholesale Union is known for negotiating excellent job protection language. All agreements have technological change, lay-off and recall, seniority, included with protection and rights to job postings and promotions.

Q. Can I be bumped from my job by any member of the Retail Wholesale Union?
A. We do not bump each other now and have no intention of doing so in the future.

Q. What can the Retail Wholesale Union do to help me with my pension plan?
A. Once certification is granted by the Canada Labour Relations Board, or B.C. Labour Relations Board, we will have the Union’s Pension Actuary look into your Pension Plan arrangements. Any decisions arising from this investigation will be done by the membership from your worksite.

Q. Who will know if I sign a Retail Wholesale Union card?
A. No one! The union would fast be out of business if we revealed the names of those who sign cards. This information is confidential and is only revealed to a Labour Relations Board officer. The Labour Relations Board is forbidden by law to reveal the names of those who sign cards.

Q. How and where do I sign a Retail Wholesale Union card?
A. You can sign a card by contacting one of the organizers listed on the contact page.

Attention: Retail Wholesale Union Members
Re: Organizing Targets/ Information

Dear: Brother/Sister,

I am writing all Committee and Executive members of the Retail Wholesale Union in reference to organizing targets and information that you may have about non-Union worksites in your area.

Organizers greatest assets are elected officers, Committee members and activists within the Union. Often they come up with viable targets for certification, or they are in contact with employees in potential “target” worksites. Your knowledge of your surrounding worksites is extremely valuable to me. If you have information on non-Union sites, or you wish to have a work site organized, the information I need to have sent to me is the following:

1) Name of worksite.

  • Number of workers.
  • Type of work done.
  • A contact person/ including name and phone number.
  • Type of contact initiated (they called you/ you called them).

2) Have there been attempts to organize before.

  • If so, by whom and when.

3) Your opinion and advice.

  • Hard sell/ soft sell.
  • Best day and time to make contact.

Once I receive this information I will do preliminary research and develop an organizing plan.

The Retail Wholesale Union has a diversified membership. The eyes and ears of RWU members are the number one means of gathering information. Every member of the RWU is a potential organizer .We can all play a part in watching our Union grow and prosper. If you know of anyone that might be interested in improving their workplace conditions with Union representation please contact George Siegle at one of the numbers listed below.

I look forward to hearing from you,

In Solidarity,

George SiegleUnion Organizer